Dermatol Alcohol wipes

Cleaning and disinfection alcohol wipes for proper sanitation and cross infection control.    

wipe the surface by Dermatol alcohol wipes to kill germs, viruses and bacteria

Use Dermatol to disinfect all electronic equipment in the hotels rooms like telephone, remote control, electrical sockets, light switches.

also we recommend to use Dermatol alcohol wipes for cleaning and disinfection of elevator bottoms and any touchable surface where you can not use spray liquid.

wipe the surface you want to clean and disinfect with Dermatol alcohol wipe,

use the wipes until the liquid evaporate and then dispose it and use another wipes.

Box (36 Can x 100 wipes per can)

in case that it touch your eyes, rinse your eyes with plenty of water.

do not place Dermatol alcohol wipes near to fire as it contains alcohol which is highly flammable.




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